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Christine Morgan 01709 760124 / 07970 634780
Secretary Rachel Thompson 01530 812293
Treasurer Rose Summerfield 07917 832275


Working Secretary
Debra Revell 01460 234147
Health Co-Ordinator
Diane Parry 01724 712326
Susanne Pope 07973 490024
Membership Secretary
Robin Sutton 01454 419448
Web Master / Hot Wires Editor
Georgina Buchan 07775 992027
Cup Steward Joan Dowell 01789 764747
Show Secretary Karl Gawthorpe 07733 157961
Annual Awards
Bev Smith (Shows) 07889 432809
Annual Awards
Joan Dowel (Working) 01789 764747
Distribution Irene Collier
01373 825636

Membership paperwork is to be sent to the Membership Secretary:  c/o Irene Collier, 64 Stormore, Dilton Marsh, Wilts. BA13 4BH


Your Committee

Christine Morgan

I have been involved in the world of dog showing and served on the committees of various general and breed clubs since 1975. I owned my first Wire in 2005 and have awarded CCs in them four times. I have served on the HWVA Committee since 2005 taking only a short break in 2012.

Rachel Thompson

We purchased our first HWV in 1994 from the Shannamaya affix of Anna Coombe and the late Sheila Gray. Our first litter was born in 1996 from our then four year old Shannamaya Piroshka. My interests lay in the show side and agility. I award CC’s in my first breed GWP as well as HWV and have been on the HWVA committee since 2005 and as Secretary from 2006 until the present with a brief gap in 2013/14.

Rose Summerfield

I have been involved with dogs all my life, especially Gundogs. My passion for the Wirehaired Vizsla was born in 2002. I Show and Work our Wires. We have gained our Stud book number with three dogs now and have numerous CC’s and RCC’s from our show team. In recent years we have been really enjoying competing in Working tests to amuse our Wires during the Summer months. They have then been working on the beating line or part of the picking up team during the winter months. We feel we own, breed and enjoy true dual purpose Wires.

I have done some judging of the breed in recent years. I have passed all the KC education exams and also attended the Breed Appreciation day and passed the exam.

My aim is to Enjoy, Promote, and Progress this wonderful breed for many more years to come.

Debra Revell

A dog lover all my life, I have owned Hungarian Wirehaired Vizslas for the past 13 years, and currently have 3. They have all taught me so much in show ring and brought me to show judging, I am on the Breed specialist B list. However, it is their working ability which interests me most, nothing quite like watching your dog catch a scent on the Grouse moors, to see correct conformation translate to working ability. I have entered many working tests and pointing tests, and look forward to spending my early retirement working and training my own dogs. I am also looking forward to serving the HWVA as Working Secretary, planning to provide training, experience and events for your dogs.

Diane Parry

I have owned the breed since 1996 and bred my first litter in 2002. I award Challenge Certificates in this wonderful breed. I have shown the breed since 1996 I have worked the breed picking up and under a Harris Hawk. I am a qualified dog trainer, dog nerd and have a huge interest in early neurological stimulation in litters and canine conformation. In the past have been Secretary of an Open Show.

Susanne Pope

My husband and I have had dogs in our family all our lives, of various breeds, and Heinz 57s. We’ve been fortunate to share our home with Wires since 2006, and have participated in working activities and the showing side. Due to my own health issues I cannot undertake working activities any more, but my husband has proved to be an ace handler in the show ring! I have also been involved with Rescue for several years and originally set up Vizslamentés UK with friends 8 years ago. I also help admin several Vizsla groups on Facebook, including a Vizsla Health Forum with more than 4,800 members worldwide. We currently share our lives in Norfolk with 3 lads ranging in age from 18months to 7 years.

Robin Sutton

My husband and I got our first wire in early 2006 after having had a smooth. He was an amazing dog and made us completely fall in love with the breed. From early on we knew one day we would like to get more involved and possibly be breeders ourselves. Fourteen years later we are realising that dream and now have two wirehaired vizslas, father and daughter. In May 2018 I ran the Bristol 10K to raise funds for rehoming and fostering for the HWVA and possibly might do this again – if I am brave enough! Hungarian wirehaired vizslas have certainly worked their way into our hearts and can’t think of a better breed to own.

Georgina Buchan

My husband and I have been breeding, training, rehabilitating, fostering and competing with gun dogs of all varieties for the past 30 years. We have owned Hungarian Wirehaired Vizslas now for the last nine years. Our dogs are primarily working dogs with whom we share our lives. We are very keen to promote and care for this wonderful breed.

Joan Dowell

We have had dogs for many years. The first wire we saw was on the Tissington Trail in 2007. The dogs we have had – a Ridgeback, a GSP, followed by one wire and then another, then another GSP and now another wire.

Currently we have 2 wires and a GSP, ranging in age from 1 to 11. We showed our first wire regularly and enjoyed it so much that my husband volunteered me for the HWVA committee several years ago. Our dogs have competed in working tests and spring pointing tests. My husband took one dog to Grinton for a Kennel Club weekend of grouse moors. I enjoy supporting events, both showing and working, by participation or spectating. People, conversation and dogs make for enjoyable days.

Karl Gawthorpe

I have been involved with dogs for the last 43 years, I award CC’s in Labradors and I’m the secretary of the Labrador Retriever Club, Secretary & Treasurer of The Labrador Breed Council and also the BEC for the breed. I have a keen interest in the Hungarian Wirehaired Vizslas having watched the breed develop over the years. I have been lucky enough to judge the breed a few times at open shows, I have attended the Association’s Breed Appreciation Day and passed the multiple-choice exam. I am happy to serve on the committee and I hope that I will be able to bring my years of experience to the club.

Bev Smith

Irene Collier

I’ve shared my home with 4 wires over 9 years, all are my companions and all are shown, my eldest being a show champion holding several breeds records. She has also placed and taken part in Working Tests and a Show Gundog Working Certificate day, she has achieved the KC Gundog Working Certificate.