HWVA Breeders List

The HWVA operates a breeders list on which the details of members planning litters or having dogs available at stud can be seen. The list can be viewed on the HWVA web site and will be given to those who make enquiries about buying a puppy.

A minimum of 12 months membership of the HWVA is required before members are eligible for inclusion on the list. The list runs from January to December each year at a cost of £10.00 for the year.

Entry into our breeders list is dependant on the breeders and the stud dog owners being actively involved in Rehoming any dogs of their breeding.

If you wish to be included on the breeders list please send your cheque for £10.00 to the Treasurer, complete with your name, affix, phone number, county of residence, and web site and email addresses if applicable. Applications for inclusion on the breeders list will only be accepted up until August for the current year.

Advice for potential puppy owners :

For advice choosing a breeder, health screening and the right puppy for you we strongly recommend that you review the advice on the Kennel Club’s Website. We would also draw your attention to the Members Code of Conduct that contain a set of sensible practices for breeders to follow.

The HWVA has also produced guidance on buying a puppy which can be viewed here.

Please note that the HWVA accepts no responsibility for puppies sold by breeders on the HWVA Breeders List and does not endorse any of the breeders listed therein.

The Breeders List 2020