HWVA’s first field trial 13/10/09

The HWVA held it’s inaugural Field Trial at Stiperstones, Shropshire on Tuesday 13th 2009 by kind permission of Mr Neil Wainwright and the Stiperstones Shoot.

A full card of 12 runners consisting of a mixture of HPR breeds including an excellent 5 Wirehaired Vizslas ran under Mrs Irmgard Alcock and Mrs Jean Robertson.

We were blessed with some very warm weather for this time of year which made scenting conditions more challenging in the latter part of the day. Despite this each runner was able to see game on it’s beat and several dogs were able to complete their cards.

There were two awards with the top award going to a Wire:       2nd and Guns Award went to Mark Herbert with Ayita Independence Day ( Milo) – HWV       4th place went to Ingrid Moyser with Hollutrix Dante – IS

Judges Special Award went to Alan Chadwick with Andsal Lancelot (GSP)

Proceedings were ably overseen by Chief Steward Mr Fred Alcock. The competitors remained in good spirit during the day and made it pleasurable for all involved.

The committee of the HWVA wishes to thank all involved who worked hard to make the day a success. Particular thanks must go to Chris Guest, Fred Alcock and Guns; Ray Davies, Andy Foster and Roger Lewis.

Novice Stake
Stiperstones Shoot, Nr Bishops Castle, Shropshire
By kind invitation of Mr N Wainwright
13th October 2009
Judges: Mrs I Alcock       Mrs J Robertson

Weather: Dry & sunny with a variable wind
Scent: Fair to Good
Ground: White Grass, heather with areas of tree stubs covered with gorse and bracken


2nd Mr M Herbert Ayita Independence Day HWV, D

4th Mrs I Moyser Hollutrix Dante IS, D


Ayita Independence Day: This dog’s first run was in white grass running mainly into wind. He covered his ground well eventually coming on point. As the handler and guns approached a covey of Partridge lifted, he was steady to flush and shot as they flew on. The dog continued working and then came on point at the back of a gorse bush, again on approach of the handler and guns two pheasants lifted, a hen flew on the cock pheasant was shot out of sight of the dog and fell in long grass. Again steady to flush and shot the dog was brought up to make the retrieve which he completed efficiently. On his second run he hunted very well on heather with patches of gorse and a swirling changeable wind, this run however proved to be blank. His water work was good.

Hollutrix Dante: This dog’s first run was in white grass running into wind. He hunted his ground well and came on point to a pheasant up against a barbed wire fence. He held the point for some time whilst the handler and guns approached. A cock pheasant flushed as they came up and the dog was very steady to this and did not attempt to catch the bird in the tricky situation up against the fence. The bird was shot falling some 20mts beyond the barbed wire fence. The dog was helped to negotiate the fence and then went on to make a nice retrieve without fuss. In his second run on heather with patches of gorse and a swirling changeable wind he put on a workmanlike performance but the run proved to be blank. His water work was good.

Irmgard and I were asked by the Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla Association to choose a dog to give a special award to that on the day that had worked well but had not managed to get into the main awards. Our choice went to Alan Chadwick’s Andsal Lancelot, GSP, D. This dog had pleased us with his work especially on his second run on the heather and gorse where he had gone out of sight and could not be found, assuming he was on point the handler was asked to get the dog to produce which he did, a covey of partridges which he had held for a good length of time. Without his handler present the dog succumbed to temptation and sadly run in.

It was a very great honour for Irmgard Alcock and me to be invited to judge the first Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla Association field trial which was blessed with superb weather and good conditions throughout. The atmosphere for this occasion was very good indeed with all the competitors being very sporting. On behalf of Irmgard and myself our thanks must go to the host and keeper Mr Neil Wainwright who kept us in the game all day, the Guns, Ray Davies, Andy Foster and Roger Lewis, who shot brilliantly , Fred Alcock our Chief Steward, Skirm the picker up, Kevin Mulliner the Red Flag, Richard May the hard working FT Secretary and last but not least Christine Guest who not only helped organise this event but provided us with great food and refreshments.

Jean Robertson

HWVA working test 2009

The HWVA Gundog Working Test was held on Saturday 12th September 2009 at Widmerpool, NOTTS. Building on the success of last year we attracted 86 entries across the four classes, fifteen of which were Wirehaired Vizslas

The weather was absolutely superb which added to the informal atmosphere that made it look more like a day out enjoying the sunshine with dogs rather than a competition.

Wirehaired Vizslas appeared in the awards in every single class. The results were as follows:

Puppy – judges Stevie Allerton & Chilli Chellumbrun (Water)

1st Tarkanya Incas Incantation (LM) handled by Alex Hatton

2nd Harrigoss Marksman (HWV) handled by Julian Apps

3rd Sanjon Breana (GSP) handled by Emma Carter

4th Alder Earl (GWP) handled by Stuart Lundy

Novice – judges Rachel Herbert, Leslie Trow & Peter Guest (Water)

1st Whinchat Viking Flagship (GSP) handled by Geoff Prior

2nd Hunterstone Nimrod (HV) handled by Simon Kirby

3rd Kenmillix Iris Acis (HWV) handled by John Chaffe

4th Popeshill Hazel (HWV) handled by Chris Brown

Graduate – judge Nigel Dear

1st Kenmillix Eileithyia (HWV) handled by Phil Robinson

2nd Pruso Blue Lilly (GSP) handled by Joanne Chesney

3rd Kizvarda Karoly (HV) handled by Lynn Eales

4th Tjader Seahorse (HV) handled by Kim Gallimore

Open – judges Sylvia Cox & Peter Lomasney

1st Moricroft Mimosa (HWV) handled by Michael Caine

2nd Blythebeck Elixi (GSP) handled by Emma Carter

3rd Swifthouse Morse (GSP) handled by Deb Bowns

4th Dangvord Dido at Brakabreeze (SRHP) handled by Liza Brown

The Bardantop Award for the highest number of points accumulated went to Kenmillix Eilethyia and Phill Robinson.

Chris Guest did an excellent job of setting up the individual tests as well as ensuring that the day ran smoothly. Massive thanks must go to all that helped on the day stewarding, dummy throwing and helping out with food and drinks.