HWVA Grouse Experience and Training Day – March 2019

Being able to expose your dogs to Grouse is an experience that many handlers will never have. However, the HWVA was very lucky to be offered such an opportunity during March.

The group met on the Green at Reeth where the early morning snow had turned to sleet. We moved up to the fabulous Grinton Moor where once again the snow was coming at us horizontally! However, after a very short time the sun came out and we spent the rest of the day in bright sunshine under blue skies. With plenty of Grouse on the Moor and the training tips from the two experienced trainers, Geoff Saint and Roy Cullen it ensured that all dogs had the chance to hunt, point and flush. It was so noticeable by the end of the day how the young dogs had built in confidence when they realised what they were looking for. At the end of the day everyone left the Moor with a smile on their face, how could you have anything else after spending a few hours receiving valuable training tips, surrounded by the most amazing scenery and chatting with like minded people. Thanks must to go to the Keeper of Grinton Moor, Mr Dez Coates and Mrs Janet Sunter. Fabulous Day.

Sharon Newman

HWVA Grouse Pointing Test – March 2019

On Sunday 10th March, 2019 the Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla Association held a Grouse Pointing Test on Grinton Moor by kind permission of Keeper Mr Dez Coates. The Test was for any Hunt, Point, Retrieve Breed and the runners included Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla , German Shorthaired Pointers, German Wirehaired Pointers, Italian Spinone and Weimeraners.

The Judges for the day were Mr Roy Cullen (A Panel) and Mr Geoff Saint who, along with the 16 Runners had to put up with the most atrocious weather conditions. Grinton is one of the most beautiful grouse moors but on the Test day it was impossible to see the surrounding scenery due heavy snow for the first couple of hours before the skies cleared and the sun came out.

It was good to see that there were 9 Juniors running, those being dogs who have not reached the age of 2 years before January 1st 2019. Two of those, Tom Owens’s HWV Finella Breeze and Emma Bentley’s HWV Zoldmali Zizi were called forward by the Judges for a second run. Also called forward for a second run was Stuart Symmers older GSP Quintana Blae Berry.

Both Finella Breeze and Quintana Blae Berry were awarded a ‘Good’ Grading, both well deserved considering the conditions.

Sharon Newman

HWVA All Aged Field Trial – August 2019

An All Aged stake was held at Black Pots Farm, Keighley, Yorkshire, on 21st August 2019 by kind permission of the Black Pots Shoot

Judges: Suzi Burton (A) Jason Hudson (NP)

Weather was dry and sunny all day.

Scenting conditions were good in the morning, but a drop in temperature in the afternoon made scenting more difficult.

The ground was heather moorland. Eight brace of grouse were shot.

The standard of work and handling was good from most of the competitors although some dogs’ ground treatment on the cheek wind could have been helped more by the handlers. Without exception dogs ran with drive and pace.

Results: 3rd Moorrunner Isla at Gilleyfield, GWP bitch, owned and handled by Louise Holmes. This bitch was also awarded the Guns’ Choice.

Our thanks for the success and enjoyment of this trial are due to all those who helped organise it and particularly Sharon Newman, the field trial secretary, Steward on the day Marc Harvey, Red Flag Paul Jones, Sam the Keeper and Steward of the Beat, and all the competitors.

Judges’ Critique:

All the competitors had game on their beat. Each dog ran a cheek wind. As the first round was completed, we had seven dogs left for the second round and we took three dogs forward for a third run.

Running No 10, Louise Holmes handled her bitch Moorrunner Isla at Gillyfield well on the first run, covering the ground enthusiastically. She had a couple of points on grouse, neither shot and just as she was finishing her run on the top of a hill she pointed a single grouse which was shot. She was steady and made the retrieve to hand.
On her second run she was steady to hare, had another point on grouse which was not shot and she honoured a pair away she had been working without a chance to point.
This bitch sometimes struggled with the residual scent left by the grouse as she was working.

Jason Hudson and Suzi Burton