Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla Association Novice field Trial

held at Warren Lane Shoot, Sawley, near Long Eaton, Nottinhanshire on Saturday 23 November 2013
Judges Fiona Wensley (A2814) and Lori Dempster (non panel).

Twelve dogs ran made up of a range of HPR breeds which included GSPs, Weimaraner, Italian Spinone, GWPs  Hungarian Vizslas and Hungarian Wirehaired Vizslas.

The weather was dry and the day started cold and with a frost, as the day went on it warmed up. |The wind remained very light. The general mild weather conditions so far this year had meant the birds had strayed further afield than might be expected and a large arc of land was used for the trial. This started off with rough and at times long grassland with the land underfoot being undulating and wet with ditches and pockets of standing water. Most dogs that ran on this land made good use of it and gave a good account of themselves hunting. The land later opened up to fields and hedgerows. The dogs had to hunt to find the game, which was mainly pheasant but also woodcock. Scenting conditions were good. A large lake with a gentle sloping access was used for the water test.

Dogs were discarded for several reasons, damaged birds, running in, making a noise, switching retrieve. Others were unlucky and did not make it to water as they had not had a point or a retrieve.

First Place: Not awarded

Second place: Not awarded

Third Place: Sirilta Solitaire GSP Handled by Sue Davidson

On its first run the dog was well tested with a terrain of rough marshy grass that was undulating and wet. There was little wind. The dog covered the ground well, hunting across the area with good drive and a style that was pleasing to watch, needing little direction from the handler.

The second run was in open grassland bordered by wood land. The dog covered the field fast and well, and was slower and thorough in the woodland, again with plenty of style at all times. At the end of this dogs run it had a lovely find on a woodcock which it held onto until told to flush but unfortunately the guns missed. The dog was then picked up. On its third run the it hunted a ditch with long marshy grasses, a pheasant rose and was shot, landing in the field. The dog was steady and made a good retrieve to hand. At all times the dog was responsive to the handler and under control. The water retrieve was OK.

Fouth Place: Ribble Amber HWV handled by Adrian Blackledge.

On its first run this dog had an area of field and a hedgerow to hunt. It covered the hedgerow thoroughly and with excellent drive and style. It had a good point in the hedgerow, produced the bird and was steady to the flush, shot and the fall of the bird.  When asked to retrieve it did so efficiently , and returned the bird tenderly to hand.

On the second run it again hunted with style and purpose, covering the ground well and being in tune with the handler at all times

It entered the water readily, without hesitation and retrieved to hand. At all times this dog was handled well, quietly and without interference with the dogs ability.

COM: Tyspylaird Glen Urguhart GSP handled by Andy Foster

This dog hunted well, showing style and plenty of drive while under control at all times and being responsive to the whistle. In its first run it covered an open field making full use of the area available , running out well and covering the ground with drive both in the field and along the hedgerows. It was steady to a hare.

The dogs second run was along a small ditch which was firstly open with small trees and a few brambles. The dog came on point but the pheasant rose quickly as there was very little cover, the guns didn’t get a shot and the dog was then picked up.

Its third run was blank but it was given the chance of a retrieve from a dog that had failed, which it made without any fuss. Water retrieve good.

Fiona Wensley.

HWVA Working Test at St Margaret’s Lake, Nottinghamshire

21st September 2013, Total number of entries 80

Test No Name of Dog Breed D/B Name of Handler Place
P1 Hourra du Domain St Hubert HWV B Geoff Saint 1 HWV *
P11 Doubilly   Ilkas Wild Rose LM B Alex Hutton 2
P9 Bareve   Brakvallei GWP B Adam Tarbet 3
P2 Lady Gipsy   Rose GSP B Simon Kirby 4
P5 ẀOakbarrow   Ginasmuch HWV D Leigh   Adlington C of M
N4 Doubilly   Ilkas Wild Rose LM B Alex Hutton 1
N13 Tyspylaird   Glen Nevis GSP D Nathanial   Street 2
N34 Hourra du Domain St Hubert HWV B Geoff Saint 1HWV
N15 Ribble   Amber HWV B Adrian   Blackledge 4
N21 Swifthouse   Ford Moss GSP B Madge   Simons C of M
O19 Feriiia   Filiberto IS D Ingrid   Moyser 1
O2 Witham   Friary Billie GSP D Gill   Pillinger 2
O12 Huwlindreagon   Fly GSP B Simon Kirby 3
O16 Hunterstone   Nimrod HV D Pauline   Kirby 4
O6 Witham   Friary Alma GSP B Gill   Pillinger C of M
O4 Kerridge   Henry HWV D Adrian   Blackledge 1 HWV
S8 Mariska   Abruzzo HWV B Mrs R Jones 1 HWV
S2 Herlinga   Harlan HWV D Sharon Wild 2
S9 Starshot Indiana HWV D Sharon Wild 3
S5 Hillanhi   Matilda of Astasia GSP B Steve   Walker 4

* Overall Highest scoring HWV (trophy)

Conformation Assessment Winners

Place Name of Dog Breed D/B Name of Handler
Winner Zolmali Sari HWV B Miss   Samantha  Grove
Winner Swifthouse Ford Moss GSP B Madge   Simons
Runner up Hooks de Gabor HV D Susan   Northwood

HWVA Working Test in Ashdown Forest

27th April 2013, Total number of entries 82

Special Beginners

1st SB5 – Quester Jude  GLP – Claire Smith
2nd SB9 – Kemilfore Brecon Buff GWP – Malcom Kelvie
3rd SB7 – Damsen Rocket HWV – Philip Luff
4th (Joint) SB8 – Jazz  HV – Jack Birrell
4th (Joint) SB10 – Tossneer Nell HV – Hayley Beardshall
5th SB3 – Buffy’s Best WEI – Laura Bradley
Highest Placed HWV: SB7 – Damsen Rocket – Philip Luff
Best Young Handler: Jack Cheeseman

1st P2 – Vizellven Ocean Y’Aye HV – Mr R Chellumbrum
2nd P8 – Hillfen Manhatton HWV – Andy Cheesman
3rd P4 – Delvais Rose Lipt Maiden at Mannlicher – K Joy
4th P5 – Ylandune’s Walk on Water GSP – Charlotte Brownings
5th P3 -Zafira Amerdi HV – Angela Meakin
Highest placed HWV: P8 – Hillfen Manhatton – Andy Cheesman

1st N24 – Stairfoot Skye GSP – Steve Pudney
2nd N29 – Booton Richard Coer Delion GSP – Peter Webb
3rd N3 – Russetvalley Renn’s Miracle HV – Jo Sampson
4th N17 – Swifthouse Boythoris GSP – Tony Russell
5th N25 – Flashy Patches GSP – Steve Forrest
Highest Placed HWV: N7 – Rotherfalke Ostoros – Claire Jones

1st O7 -Blythebeck Elixar GSP – Emma Carter
2nd O4 – Pitwit Game Finder GSP – Peter Terry
3rd O13 – Pruso Gunner ‘B’ Blue GSP – Harry Halfpenny
4th O8 – Deepthatch New Moon GSP – Dave Burden
5th O27 – Warrendown Angel GSP – Alan Hoyle Click HERE to see photos from the day