HWVA Grouse Experience Days – 19/20 September 2020

The HWVA were privileged to be able to run 2 days grouse pointing on 19th/20th September. Grouse numbers are very low this year on the North Yorkshire Moors, however the Keeper of Egton Moor was confident we would have sufficient numbers for our experience.

It was very interesting that we had several different breeds entered, HWV, Vizsla, GWP, GSP, a Bracco and a Braque d’Auvergne, and always interesting to see the differing ways the dogs work.

The first day we had perfect conditions, sunny and breezy, where the dogs and handlers learned and grew in confidence, understanding and ability. Split into two groups of five, and running for 10 minutes each, everyone had plenty of time, and every dog and handler came away feeling they know much more than when they began the day.

The second day was a little more challenging, being in low cloud and drizzle with less wind, but the dogs rose to the challenge and learned how to read the differing conditions. Five dogs and handlers had been on the previous day’s experience, with five new dogs attending. Again all did extremely well; everyone I spoke to really wanted to come back again. 

It was a fabulous weekend and a pleasure to spend time with some lovely, like-minded people, and some lovely dogs. I certainly enjoyed watching their progress. Every dog did so well, I hope they all dreamed of grouse on their way home, as mine did!

I am so grateful to Andrew the Keeper and Morgan the beat keeper, for the time they spent with us, to Roy Bebbington for facilitating the days, and his knowledge and experience, and Debby and Ian Wearing for their help, support and pictures.

Debra Revell – Working Secretary

Photo courtesy of Ian & Debby Wearing
Photos courtesy of Ian & Debby Wearing

HWVA Grouse Pointing Test – Grinton Moor, 15 March 2020

The HWVA was invited by the Keeper of Grinton Moor, Mr Dez Coates and Mrs Janet Sunter to hold a Grouse Pointing Test on one of the best Grouse Moors. The Judges for the day were Mr Lee Loveridge (A Panel) and Mr Geoff Saint. The Test was obviously open to all HPR Breeds and there were 16 Runners on the card.

The first dog to run was Zoe Dicker’s HWV Zoltarous Lupin and he was eventually the only dog to be Graded and he was Graded ‘Good’. There were birds for every dog on its run and once again there were handlers who had never run a dog in a Pointing Test before. The weather was kind to the Runners and day ended back at Janet’s where everyone was spoilt with home-made pies and sausage rolls. A perfect end to the day. Thanks once again to Dez, Janet, Lee and Geoff and of course all those who entered the event without whom there would be no day!

Sharon Newman

Photos Sharon Newman

HWVA Grouse Experience Day – Grinton Moor, 14 March 2020

Always a day to look forward to when handlers can get dogs out on Grouse Moors something many people never have the opportunity to do except on days like this. There is of course an element of training to whatever level people want but mostly it is an ‘experience’ day.

Thanks again to Mr Des Coates the Keeper on Grinton Moor and Janet Sunter who for a few years have given the HWVA the opportunity to run this day, it really is appreciated. The day started at Janet’s where everyone was welcomed with hot drinks, cakes and biscuits and there were nerves being demonstrated by a few people some of whom had never been on training days let alone worked their dogs on a Grouse Moor.

The two trainers for the day were Geoff Saint and Marc Harvey and the handlers were split in to two groups which would change at lunchtime. We moved up to the Moor where there were strong winds and the threat of heavy rain, which thankfully, except for a couple of light showers did not materialise.

After a few hours everyone met back at the vehicles for lunch and the looks of nervousness had been replaced by smiles, helped along by Yvonne McNeil’s Scotch Pies.

After an afternoon on the Moors we met up before leaving for home and it is always great to hear comments from people who after receiving advice and training have seen their dogs working on the Moors in a way they hadn’t seen them doing before. There was even talk that some were wishing that we weren’t coming to the end of the Grouse Pointing Test period as they were considering having a go! Thanks again to Dez, Janet, Geoff and Mark for being a major part of another great day.

Sharon Newman

HWVA Grouse Pointing Test, Roxby Moor, 8 March 2020

Thanks once again to the Keeper of Roxby Moor, Mr Mark Taylor who once again invited the HWVA to hold a Grouse Pointing Test on this fantastic Moor. The Judges for the day were Mrs Maureen Nixon (A Panel) and Mr Mark Taylor and they awarded 7 Gradings. Congratulations to those who were Graded and thanks to all the other Runners for entering and making it such an enjoyable day.

The Gradings were:


  • Fleur Fillingham – Stubblemere Storm Petrel (GSP) – Very Good
  • Brian Hitchmough – Duncansby Edna (GSP) – Good
  • Karen Saynor – Ekkkolander Dark Riva (LM) – Good


  • Ian Wearing – Zoldmali Anizs at Genlusa (HWV) – Very Good
  • Jayne Herbert – Sanjon En Brier (GSP) – Very Good
  • Fleur Fillingham – Stubblemere Guthrie (GSP) – Very Good
  • Jordan Bell – Zoldmali Onga (HWV) – Good
Photos Ian Wearing