HWVA Working test 11/09/2010

Yet another successful HWVA Working Test was held on Saturday 11th September at Widmerpool, Notts by ,kind permission of Mr K Scattergood and Messrs CG & RD Brooks. This year the ground was split differently between the classes and we were lucky to obtain several acres of hunting ground on the adjacent land.

The results were as follows:

Puppy – judged by Suzy Zarpanelly and Graham Bird (Water)

1st Warrendown Atom (GSP) handled by Alan Hoyle

2nd Seehof Finhesse (GSP) handled by Jennifer Hurley

3rd Abbotsbourne Lucky Star over Coneycovert (GWP) handled by Nicola Marshall

4th Warrendown Angel (GSP) handled by Alan Hoyle

Highest Scoring Wirehaired Vizsla :       Moricroft Moments handled by Mrs H M Crews

Novice – judged by Peter Hobson and Graham Bird (Water)

1st Alder Earl (GWP) handled by Stuart Lundy

2nd Pruso Rhapsody In Blue (GSP) handled by Angela James

3rd Leiborschy Skarlat (HWV) handled by Sharon Newman

4th Arkangath Elga (GSP) handled by Adrian Cusworth

Highest Scoring Wirehaired Vizsla :       Leiborschy Skarlat handled by Sharon Newman

Graduate – judged by Maureen Nixon, Peter Guest and Grham Bird (Water)

1st Harrigoss Marksman (HWV) handled by Julian Apps

2nd Moricroft Moonshine Miatt Madilor (HWV) handled by Lori Dempster

3rd Normbar Bruichladdich (GWP) handled by Ian Thorneycroft

4th Popeshill Hazel (HWV) handled by Chris Brown

Highest Scoring Wirehaired Vizsla :       Harrigoss Marksman handled by Julian Apps

Open – judged by Maureen Nixon

1st Blytheback Elixir (GSP) handled by Emma Carter

2nd Sanjon Breana (GSP) handled by Emma Carter

3rd Mustwork Mambo Dancer (GWP) handled by Paul Wilson

4th Kenocto Bremen (GWP) handled by Ian Thorneycroft

Highest Scoring Wirehaired Vizsla :       Moricroft Mimosa handled by Michael Caine

Overall Highest Scoring Wirehaired VIzsla and recipient of the Bardantop Trophy :       Leiborschy Skarlat handled by Sharon Newman

A big vote of thanks must go to all who helped make the day a success. I particular the committee wish to thank our catering staff of Hazel Caine, Alison Bullmore and Ann Clayton who provided excellent service and a fantastic quality of food. We would also like to thank all of the judges and stewards for their help and support.

We would also like to thank all of the competitors for supporting the event and remaining in good humour throughout the day.

Finally we would like to thank and congratulate Chris Guest on an excellent job of managing the event logistics

HWVA Spring Pointing Test April 2010

A card of 16 dogs, including 13 Wirehaired Vizslas ran under judges Mr Fred Alcock and Mr Peter Guest.

The weather was glorious and despite the recent dry spell we were blessed with some early morning showers. A great day out was had by all.

The gradings were as follows:


Tarndair Elody (HWV) handled by Rachel Rennie graded GOOD

Gonegos Suzie Q (HWV) handled by Roy Bebbington graded GOOD

Moricroft My Choice (HWV) handled by Michael Caine graded VERY GOOD

Seehof Englacey at Swifthouse (GSP) handled by Madge Simons graded VERY GOOD

Madcap Soul Survivor (GSP) handled by Irmgard Alcock graded VERY GOOD

Adults:       Travaillant Beersheba (HWV) handled by Glen Richardson graded VERY GOOD

Swifthouse Morse (GSP) handled by Deb Bowns graded VERY GOOD
We wish to extend our thanks to the hosts, judges, and participants who made teh day thoroughly enjoyable.

Special thanks to Michael Caine for making the arrangements for the ground and Hazel Caine for provihding a fantastic standard of food for the judges.


Grouse pointing tests 2010 results

Sunday 7th March 2010 – Birchin Lea Moor, Peak District


Saturday 13th March 2010 – Egton Moor, North Yorks Moors National Park

Birchin Lea

Gonegos Kosen handled by Phil Robinson graded GOOD

Greenwire Lazar handled by Keith Scattergood graded GOOD

The two judges: Peter Bakewell and Liza Brown

Egton Moor


Quintana Magic Time (GSP) handled by Maureen Nixon graded GOOD

Dangvord Dido at Brakabreeze (SRHP) handled by Liza Brown graded GOOD

Gonegos Kozen (HWV) handled by Phil Robinson graded VERY GOOD

Moricroft Mimosa (HWV) handled by Michael Caine graded VERY GOOD

Gonegos Spanish Caravan (HWV) handled by Alan McDowall graded VERY GOOD

Bryantscroft Gudgeon (GWP) handled by Jennifer Foster graded EXCELLENT