HWVA Field Trial – Sawley, 22 November 2014

The HWVA held a HPR Field Trial ( Novice Stakes ) on 22nd November by kind permission of the Warren Lane Shoot, Sawley, Notts. On arrival there were dark clouds on the horizon but some how they went around us during the morning meaning that most of the day was perfect. The Keeper of the shoot, Mr Jason Allaway was very enthusiastic and obviously understands how HPRs work and what they need for a successful FT. The Judges for the day were Mr Fred Alcock ( A ) and Mr Paul Dark ( non panel ).

It seemed that the birds knew what was coming their way and made themselves scarce for the first few dogs running which was frustrating for their handlers. The first HPR came with Michael Caine’s Moricroft My Choice who was running at number 7. The next few dogs saw more birds than they would have really wanted but were very steady when a number of birds flushed from the cover crop. More birds were shot but unfortunately this meant a few dogs were knocked out for various reasons.

The early dogs came forward for their second runs but  two of those still had blank runs and so were put forward for a later third run if there was time. After being in quite heavy game cover and long grass it was lovely to see some of the dogs really hunt on open stubble fields. As the sun started to go down another dog had a successful retrieve after having a good point on a previous run, that dog being Sharon Pinkerton’s GWP Ch Bareve Bonzabaai. The Judges decided that there was enough time and enough land left for dogs who had previously had blank runs to have a third run and amazingly again none of them found any game except a very brave hare.

Only Sharon Pinkerton’s dog was taken to the water where he carried out a lovely retrieve to hand on a hen bird.

The Judges awarded Sharon with a CoM, her second with that dog. The Guns, without whose generous support the FT couldn’t take place said that they did want to make a Guns Award. This they gave to a handler and dog who were taking part in their first ever FT, Simon Simms-Gould with his HWV Gunnerwood Moo’s Snoop, obviously a team with great potential for future trials.

It was a lovely day for  many reasons. The Shoot representatives had been so welcoming, the Chief Steward for the day Mr Phil Robinson had obviously put in a lot of hard work prior to the day. The Guns, Messers Andy Foster, Paul MacDonald, Lee Loveridge and Tom West were experienced at shooting over HPRs which is so important, the Judges who although had a number of difficult decisions to make during the day appeared to give advice and be approachable when it was required.

Finally it is always good to get together with like minded people who enjoy watching good dog work and chatting about what these fabulous breeds are bred to do.

If you feel that you could help committee members at future working events which may be taking place near where you live please contact the Field Trial Secretary, Hazel Drew.

Sharon Newman

HWVA Working Test, 6 September 2014, Widmerpool

SPECIAL BEGINNERS: Judge: Derek Whitfield – Results
PUPPY: Judge: Tim Bennett – Results
NOVICE: Judges: Geoff Saint and Stephen Robson – Results
OPEN: Judge:  Mark Firmin  (A Panel 2788) – Results

Water Judge:  Gill Pillinger

They say that the sun shines on the righteous well  at the HWVA Working Test it stayed away which made conditions perfect. Once again the Association were able to use the fabulous facilities at Margaret’s Lake Widmerpool by kind permission of Mr Keith Skattergood and Messrs CG and RG Brooks. There cannot be many clubs who are able to have access to such super land for hunting and the lakes makes the perfect setting for the water tests and for both the HWVA is very grateful. The Special Beginners class was very popular with 3 Spinoni’s and their handlers travelling from Newcastle and Middlesborough to take part, all of whom were in the final awards.
It was lovely to see so many puppies both entered under judge Tim Bennett and others taken along to socialise and enjoy the atmosphere. The Novice retrieves asked quite a question for some of the dogs but as Judges Geoff Saint and Stephen Robson pointed out at the end of the event, with practice all the dogs should achieve.
The Puppy and Novice water tests were judged by Gill Pillinger who commented that she was impressed with the work she witnessed
The Open Test, judged by Mark Firmin (A Panel) were given a blind retrieve across the lake, a distance of 70-metres. Nearly all the handlers approached, worried about the distance but obviously no one had told their dogs because they put on a great display.
With strong competition the Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla’s won the team event.
There was obviously a great deal of competition between handlers but possibly more in the ‘dummy throwing’ competition being held throughout the day. It proved to be great fun and laughter could be heard from the site as the competition hotted up!
All in all it was a fantastic day seeing some great dog work and meeting up with friends and like minded and the thanks of the HWVA go out to all the judges, helpers and Mr Lee Loveridge who set the tests.
As the final things were packed away it rained – perfect timing.
Write up and photos courtesy of Sharon Newman

HWVA Grouse Field Trial, 16 August 2014

On 16 August the HWVA held its first HPR FT Novice Stake on grouse  by kind permission of the owner of Conniston and Grassington Moors.  With  tremendous help and support from Keeper Mr Harvey Wiggins and his team it ensured that everyone had a fabulous day. The dogs were running under Mr Godfrey Card (A) and Mr Lee Loveridge (B) and of course the trial couldn’t take place without the valuable support of the guns, Mr Geoff Saint, Mr Ray Davies and Mr Robert Houghton.

The card consisted of 12 dogs 4 of which were HWVs. One dog was handled by someone who had flown in specially from Germany and a second dog and handler came in from Hungary. It soon became apparent that the very strong winds were affecting the birds making it quite difficult for novice dogs. The Keeper,Harvey Wiggins was able to pass on a little of his great knowledge and understanding of the habits of the birds to ensure that the Trial covered areas where the dogs should have found birds in the difficult conditions.

The first birds shot were on Hazel Drew’s run with Firefrost Enchantress where a very classy piece of hunting, pointing and retrieving was witnessed putting her safely through to the second runs. Michael Caine and Moricroft My Choice, were the next to get a good hunt, point and retrieve on the same bird. Zoldmali Zala handled by Zsofia Miczek hunted a large area but unable to find a bird however the Judges were impressed enough to put her through to the second runs. Two birds were then shot and Z. Zala was sent for the retrieves meaning that all she really needed was a good steady point on the second run. Great to see three HWVs going through. Unfortunately on the second run Hazel and Michael’s bitches found birds they didn’t want to and Zsofia, even after a 20-minute hunt couldn’t find one! So no final placings but the Guns Award was given to Hazel following her first run. A great day and a fantastic opportunity for novice dogs to be able to compete on the fabulous grouse moors.

Sharon Newman

HWVA Working Test, 3 May 2014 – Ashdown Forest

The HWVA held its southern gundog working test in Ashdown Forest East Sussex on 3rd.  The event is growing in popularity and this year had 102 entries (and several apologies from people who were away for the bank holiday weekend). It is believed that this is the first time an association event entry has reached triple figures.

Amongst these entries were 17 Hungarian Wirehaired Vizslas. However f the entries only 18 of them were from members of the society. It would be nice to see a greater participation from our members, the Special Beginners class is for those who have never done anything like this before and tuition and help is given. Hopefully a few more may have a go in the September Test.

The HWVs did well, with several appearing in the awards and the breed achieved first place in three out of the six classes. (With a special mention Madilor Helena and Julia Tuck who were just out of them).

Pictures from this event can be viewed by clicking here.

Lori Dempster


Special Beginners

1st :  Vadkacsa Citrina HWV Chris Johnson
2nd :  Madilor Catkin HWV   Jane Holmes
3rd : Russetvalley Redwing HV  Caroline Cannell
4th : Harigos Ramla HWV   Liz Johnson
5th :  Ragnolds Adur HWV  Jacky Ley
6th : Leiborschy Yazsarek HWV Gill Vlahovic

Best HWV : Vadkacsa Citrina  Chris Johnson


1st : Rotherfalke Tiszalok HWV David Yates
2nd : Germanus Guns N Roses GWP Alice White
3rd : Bak Dido Slovakia SRP Lyssa Finn
4th : Spearmark The Woodman GSP Joan Turnball
5th : Stubblemere Tergeo GSP Julie Jones
6th  Chazemannd You’re My Girl GSP Bill Austin

Best HWV : Rotherfalke Tiszalok  David Yates


1st: Madilor Hermia HWV Vicki Appleton
2nd Warrendown Flare GSP Emma Fisk
3rd : Bonario Denarius BI  Kim Parris
4th  : CastleGarnstone Cununurra GWP Matthew Doe
5th :  Tarkanya Bellas Baby LM Fiona Smith
6th  :  Trubon Etztluger W Chris Rieman

Best HWV: Madilor Hermia  Vicki Appleton


1st : Wurxtocks Spars The One GWP Robert White
2nd : Flashy Patches  GSP Steve Forest
3rd:  Sasfrids Soirus GSP Gordon Etherton
4th::  Hookside Gabor HV Susan Northwood
5th : Rotherfalke Ostoros HWV Claire Jones
6th : Russetmoor Gold Big Ben HV Jason Froome and Stubblemere Gutherie  GSP Fleur Fillingham

Best HWV : Rotherfalke Ostoros  Claire Jones


1st: Adurstream Calypso GSP Raina Turgut
2nd : Rotherfalke Ostoros  HWV Claire Jones
3rd : Stubblemere Gutherie  GSP Fleur Fillingham

Best HWV: Rotherfalke Ostoros   Claire Jones


1st :  Deepthatch Pippa GSP with Dave Burden
2nd : Pitwit Gamefinder GSP Peter Terry
3rd :  Pruso Gunner B Blue GSP Harry Halfpenny
4th :   Sasfrids Soirus GSP Gordon Etherton
5th : Blythebeck Elixir  GSP Emma Carter
6th : Sasfrids Lilja GSP Sian Bonner

Best HWV : Gonegos the Changeling   Emma Carter

Spring pointing test 2014

This was held at Garendon Park Estate near Loughborough Leicestershire by kind permission of Mr. Ben Nichols, and sponsored by Skinners dog foods.

The judges were Mr. Trevor Horsefield and Mr. Paul Macdonald.

A field of fourteen, which included 8 Wirehaired Vizslas and 5 junior dogs, hunted for Partridge and Pheasant over rape and wheat, the lay of the land enabled all dogs to run into wind, the birds were there to be found and a number of dogs did.

The results are:

Graded Very Good

Peersofdales Highlander handled by Jayne Herbert.

Ribble Amber handled by Adrian Blackledge

Moricroft My Choice handled by Michael Caine

Graded Good

Kerride Henry handled by Adrian Blackledge

Zoldmali Narcisz with Deifstock handled by Shirley Cooper