Grouse Pointing Test Roxby 1st April 2018.

This test was held on Roxby moor by kind permission of the Roxby estate.

After the cancellation of the first planned test at Danby on the 18th March it was with some trepidation that I checked the weather forecast for Roxby during the days preceding the test.  The forecast was for a 10 – 60% chance of sleet showers, thick cloud but staying mostly dry with a 10 – 15 mph North Easterly wind and temperatures of 3 – 4 degrees C.  Good to go.  And for once the forecast was spot on.

Our judges Mr. Godfrey Card and Mr. Geoff Saint formulated a plan in conjunction with the keeper Mr. Mark Taylor that the adult dogs would run first utilising a back / cheek wind then we would turn to make our way back to the vehicles enabling the junior dogs to make use of a head wind.  This was dictated by the orientation of the moor.

The first dog out found birds and had a point on a pair, things were looking good for a bumper day but the wily Grouse, the weather god, and difficult scenting conditions proved otherwise.  Most dogs hunted with drive and purpose but the tight sitting Grouse disrupted their opportunity for pointing prowess by lifting at close range, or hunkering down and only rising when someone was about to step on them.   There were birds available for all dogs but conditions were against us on this day (well it was April 1st).  But once again it was a delight to be outdoors in this beautiful area of North Yorkshire enjoying watching these dogs do what they were intended to.

Sadly only one dog was graded

Moonrunner Isla at Galleyfield, handled by Louise Holmes – graded Good.

A special prize was presented by one of the competitors.  The “wunning wabbit” award for the most competent Hare chase.  This went to:

Gonegos Climb Upon My Music  handled by Heather Gray.

Come on, honestly, who hasn’t been there watching their dog disappear into the distance in futile pursuit of a fluffy bunny.

Our thanks go out to:

  • The roxby estate for allowing us out to play.
  • Mark for his guidance and area knowledge.
  • The judges for giving of their time and experience.
  • And all of the competitors who braved the elements to support this event.

Phil Robinson