HWVA All Aged Field Trial – Saturday 12 November 2022 – Results

The HWVA held their first All Aged Field Trial of the season at Little Pix Hall Farm, Hawkhurst, Kent, on Saturday 12 November 2022 by kind permission of Mr F Briely and the CananGame Shoot.

The Judges were Suzi Burton & Alan Parr

The results were:

First – No Award

Second – Warrendown Black Pearl at Ganninyem (GSP) Jo Gosling handler Rory Major

Third – Zoldmali Onga (HWV) Jordan Bell

Fourth – Zoldmali Hope of Zoltarous (HWV) Zoe Dicker

COM – Vizellven Eks Wizard (HV) Jason Froome

COM – Warrendown Megs Angel (GSP) Emma Carter

Thank you to everyone who helped, the Judges, Red Flag, Steward of the Beat, Guns and all who entered and made it a lovely day.

Congratulations to all in the Awards.

The Judges Report for the trial can be read here

HWVA Gundog Working Test – Sunday 11 September 2022 – Results

1st Laura Davies – Faircastle Electra   GSP
2nd S Parr – Bonningdstet Dammerung GSP
3rd Samantha Brook – Formala Fidelis  GSP
4th Yvonne Aldridge – Nagyzabasi Orlagh for Gwaithmaes  HWV
Highest placed HWV – Yvonne Aldridge – Nagyzabasi Orlagh for Gwaithmaes 
Judges Best Water –  M Pask – Quirky Quail Whooper Swan   GSP
1st Jane Reed – Bardantop Sticky Toffee with Cuffnells HWV
2nd Matt Smith – Crumpsbrook Galangal Rulander LM
3rd Dave Bevan – Starshot Frontier HWV 
4th Chris Guest – Sh Ch Bardantop Banoffee HWV
COM Laura Davies – Faircastle Lucky Fairytale GSP
Highest placed HWV – Jane Reed – Bardantop Sticky Toffee with Cuffnells
Judges Best Water – Terry Ley – Annexe Portcothan Bay HWV
1st Suzanna Mills – Nemzet Kince Gloria at Karrouki  HV
2nd Dalwayne Campbell – Mustwork Witch Water at Inkiana GWP
3rd Carolyn Trowsdale – Cazooka Special Legacy LM
4th James Ayling – Bareve Bufflesberg GWP
COM Suzanna Mills – Karrouki Windfire JW HV
COM Rebecca Porter Bye – Firefrost Duke of York HWV
Highest placed HWV – Rebecca Porter Bye – Firefrost Duke of York HWV
Judges Best Water – Rebecca Porter Bye – Firefrost Duke of York HWV
The Puppy Winners – Photo Sharon Newman
The Open Winners – Photo Sharon Newman

HWVA Grouse Experience Day & HWVA Grouse Pointing Test – August 2022

The HWVA held a Grouse Experience Day on Saturday, 20 August 2022 at their usual venue of Egton Moor. 
The conditions were perfect, sunshine, cool breeze and grouse a-plenty. The heather was in full bloom and more vivid and prolific than anyone could remember. Such a contrast to the previous weekend which was so hot we had to postpone our working test because of the extreme heat conditions, and a great relief we didn’t have to postpone this event as well.
Everyone had the chance and encouragement to ‘have a go’, to see what their dogs could do, and where they could make improvements for better success. I think all had some grouse to find and point, along with a few rabbits and a lonely unexpected pheasant.
The following day, Sunday, 21 August we held a Grouse Pointing Test. Our Judges for the day were Godfrey Card and Ruth Webster, the conditions being very similar to the previous day, sunny and breezy. We had a full card of 16 entrants.
All juniors worked into the wind, adults worked also into the wind or a cheek wind as we progressed. All dogs had the chance of grouse on their run. Sadly the judges found that they could not award any gradings on the day.
We did have quite a number of entrants who had never entered a Grouse Pointing Test before, and some experienced people with inexperienced dogs, so I hope everyone went away with the knowledge of the way tests work, and the way they and their dogs work, and will come back and try again another day.
Photo – Debby Wearing
Photo – Debby Wearing

HWVA Beginner / Novice Training Day – 10 August 2022

Held at  Meaton Farm, Meaton Lane, Kinlet DY14 8NT (Kidderminster) by kind invitation of Chris Guest, who was also the trainer for the day.  Obedience, Land and Water retrieving.

Training Day at Sholford Farm – 11 June 2022

The HWVA Working Committee put on our first training day for beginners at Sholford Farm, near Taunton on Saturday 11 June 2022.  Our aim was to explain and encourage anyone who would like to work their dogs, at any level, but didn’t know where to start.

It was a glorious day, just the right amount of sun, heat and wind.  I took each of the two groups for Hunting and Pointing, with a bit of field obedience and whistle work, whilst Chris and Julia took the groups for obedience and basic dummy work.

For the hunting we gave everyone the opportunity to hunt, followed by some explanations of working with the wind and reading the dog; a longer hunt to put all that in practice, followed by some explanation of obedience and whistle work, and a final hunt in turn across the field.  A red-tailed kite watched and circled us all morning, a pleasure to see as it’s not a common bird in this area.

For the retrieving everyone was given the chance to retrieve dummies according to their abilities, along with heel work, waits and stays, and steadiness, with additional help to each where it might be of benefit. 

About 3pm we all headed off to the water for an introduction to water retrieving, and some great fun for the dogs, and a bit damp for me, standing by the edge, throwing dummies in and having each dog give a good shake on its way out of the water.

A break for lunch and a drink whilst discussing the mornings events, which was repeated at the end of the day, this time with cake.

We had a lot of positive feedback, not least from Gerald Condron, The Chairman of the Braque d’Auvergne Association who attended to learn more about working with an HPR.

A great day, thank you all.  Debra Revell – FT Secretary

Yvonne Aldridge and Orlagh. Photo Debra Revell

Mullenscote Training Day Report – 2 June 2022

We held a training day at Mullenscote on 2 June 2022, the first day of the long Jubilee weekend.  The weather was very good, warm and sunny with a little breeze.  We had a full 12 entrants who enjoyed a go at hunting with a cage and release of a pigeon.  There were also various retrieving opportunities, some stop and whistle training and the always popular water retrieves.  Although dealing with varying ability levels I think everyone gave it all a good go!  Howard Kirby gave various talks about working your dogs, obedience and all aspects of field work.  

Everyone seems to have gone home happy with plenty to work on and think about.

Jane Reed. Photo Debra Revell

HWVA Grouse Pointing Test – 27 February 2022

The HWVA held a Grouse Pointing Test on Egton Moor on Sunday 27 February with kind permission of Egton Manor Estate and the kind guidance of the Keeper Andrew and Beat Keeper Morgan. We thank the judges, Stevie Allerton and Lloyd Birch for their time and expertise, they were pleased to make 5 awards on the day.
Richard Bows with Tickencote Get Away GWP
Very Good
Jackie Hammans with Zoltarous Guelder Rose HWV
John Cullen with Mustwork Ula GWP
Sue Wagstaff with Aligngriffs Devonport KG
Chris Carpenter with Aschfahl Jagerin WEIM
Congratulations to all in the awards.
We also held a Grouse Experience Day on Saturday 26 February 2022.
These days are facilitated for us by Roy Bebbington, always much appreciated by everyone who attends and to whom we are more than grateful.

For both days we were blessed with dry and sunny weather, albeit cold and quite windy.  It gave all the dogs some challenges, but a plentiful supply of grouse made up for it.  Thank you to everyone who attended our days, there was a lot of good work to be seen out there, on the moors.

The Judges Report can be read here.

Richard Bows – photo Debby Wearing